Definition of an SAE

Between the awkwardness of early adolescence and the dignity of full manhood, we find an individual known as the SAE.  He comes in assorted sizes, weights and ages, but all seem to have the same creed: to enjoy every minute of every hour of every day; to honor the True Gentleman, to delay doing class assignments and term papers, while still maintaining the second highest GPA in the Greek society; to anticipate upcoming weekends; to engage late night parties; to do the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right time; to spend money extravagantly; to complain incessantly; to strive to better his friends well being; and to work together as brothers.

The SAE is found everywhere- on campus and off, on the couches, on the tables, up and down our basketball court, lounging in the frattio, throwing cans over the fence, at Barley House and Home Bar, or even at Fondren Library.

An SAE is Truth when an officer is at his door, Helpful when volunteering in on campus activities, Reverent when attending church and acting as an example to his brothers, Beauty when he makes a 4.0 while still being able to enjoy an active social life, Integrity while taking exams in his classes, Wisdom with a beer in his hand and telling tales of a pervious night, Hope-for-the-Future with a date grasping his arm.

He is composite- he has the energy of a bull, the irresponsibility of an overnight guest, the curiosity of a cat, the charisma of a dictator, the enthusiasm of an evangelist, the determination of an eagle, the loyalty of a dog, and the bravery of a Lion.

He likes the benefits of being an SAE: parties, Ken’s cooking, Minerva’s protection, national strength, largest membership, away weekend trips, camaraderie, Phi Alpha’s, rushing, pledging, day parties, fraterdays, the Grip, college football watching, cookouts, sororities, intramurals, flat screens, first and largest national headquarters, poker, connections, traditions, and the supreme Brotherhood.

He is not much for blind dates, passing out, writing on people, cafeterias, campus police, Alcohol EDU, parking tickets, Phi’s, drugs, undergrounds, vandalism, techno, administration, and selfishness.

In the SAE house you will find a conglomeration of all sorts of characters: politicians, partiers, doctors, religious, rebellious, but all of these men respect another for their individual accomplishments and personal morals.

Mothers love them, fathers finance them, girls glorify them, officers hangout with them, teachers reward them, companies hire them, bars beg for them, Heaven protects them, and all men envy them.

Nobody else is so blessed or so fortunate to have received a bid. Nobody else gets so much fun out of a basic night beer pong or just watching Sports Center while playing poker.  Nobody else can manage their time as efficiently to ensure that their social life does not infringe upon their academic life. Nobody else can sleep as much, date a much, eat as much, party as much and enjoy life as much as an SAE.

The SAE is a disciplined creature.  He can make your difficult or make it wonderful.  He can be concerned or indifferent. He can study with you or socialize with you. He can make you cry or make you laugh until you cry. He can be irresponsible or he can be righteous.

Regardless of which SAE, he will always be your loyal friend, a True Gentleman and Phi Alpha.